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Book Awards and Nominations

  • Shortlisted in the 2018 Regional/Cultural Cookbook awards category by Taste Canada

Notable Reviews

“Wolfman has written both a storybook and a cookbook…a good read and a fine cooking course in one.” ~ Julian Armstrong, Six O'clock Solutions, Montreal Gazette, November 28, 2017


“…Many refer to him as the Godfather of Indigenous Cuisine, in fact, his passion has always been in teaching aboriginal traditions. And he does so with expert flair and beauty in a glorious new cookbook, Cooking with the Wolfman a stunning book that covers everything from origins of heritage foods to creating unique recipes using classical European cooking techniques… bookbrimming with colour and detail, and reverence for the foods of our nation.” ~ Rita DeMontis, Toronto Sun & Sun MediaNovember 28, 2017


“A good cookbook can be the platform for that, recounting stories of shared times, detailing ways to preserve and maintain traditions. Cooking with the Wolfman: Indigenous Fusion by David Wolfman and Marlene Finn (Douglas & McIntyre, $29.95) is just such a book filled with the recipes and stories, collected from the families and friends of Wolfman (of the Xaxli’p First Nation), with his wife and partner Finn (of the Métis Nation of Ontario).” ~ Wendy King, Winnipeg Free Press, November 1, 2017

[Wolfman] is being lauded as an innovator and an inspiration – one who championed Indigenous flavours and techniques well before the mainstream North American food scene paid attention. “David Wolfman takes a cuisine that was treated in Canada as almost an historical artifact and made it as a living cuisine again," said Dr. Lenore Newman, the Canada Research Chair in food security and the environment…” -Angela Sterritt, The Globe and Mail, October 2017

About the Cookbook

Covering everything from the origin of bannock to the finer points of filleting a fish, Cooking with the Wolfman is intended to be accessible to readers of every culinary-skill level, with step-by-step instructions and charts covering the fundamentals of cooking, from knife handling techniques, food safety, choosing cuts of meat, making stocks and sauces to the finer points of home smoking. 

 From foodies who want to try locally hunted and foraged ingredients, to indigenous cooks looking for new ways to enjoy familiar traditional foods, David Wolfman’s engaging and easy-to-follow recipes make Indigenous Fusion accessible to everyone.

With over 100 recipes including Buffalo Egg Rolls with Mango Strawberry Dip, Buttery Bourbon Hot-Smoked Oysters, Slow-Cooked Ginger Caribou Shanks, and Blackened Sea Scallops with Cream of Pumpkin, as well as beautiful colour photographs, Cooking with the Wolfman will inspire readers of diverse backgrounds to bring more indigenous foods into their kitchens.  More information.

About the Authors

Chef David Wolfman, member of the Xaxli’p First Nation, is an internationally recognized expert in wild game and traditional indigenous cuisine. He has been a culinary arts professor at George Brown College in Toronto since 1994 and is also executive producer and host of the television show, Cooking with the Wolfman. He is an enthusiastic educator, entertainer and culinary consultant. 


Marlene Finn, Métis, is an education consultant specializing in indigenous program development and evaluation. She is a former business teacher at the Toronto District School Board, former director of the National Aboriginal Achievement Awards, and former vice president of the Canadian Council for Aboriginal Business. Together, she and David deliver cooking demonstrations and workshops on indigenous food and culture-based tourism and family nutrition. David and Marlene live in Toronto.

Recipes from the Cookbook 

Additional Recipes (Large Volume recipes not in the cookbook)

Additional Recipes (not in the cookbook)

“Canada's greatest strength is our diversity and nowhere is that more apparent than in our coast-to-coast-to-coast cuisine. Through Chef David’s unique perspective, you can explore the Indigenous cooking that first brought us to the table while incorporating ideas that have more than stood the test of time." 

Chef Michael Smith, Food Network Host, Nutritional Activist, Author and Food Media Producer

"In this book, Chef Wolfman pays respect to the elders and traditions of his ancestors and the various Nations.  To the elders, food was not only for physical sustenance  but also played an integral role in spirituality, health, nutrition, commerce, society, and medicine; showcasing the significance of the simple ritual of the path to eating a meal - very inspiring." 

Roger Mooking, Celebrity Chef and Recording Artist

“Growing up working in kitchens in Montreal in the late 90s, Wolfman had a big influence on me. For me, he was the first chef teaching us about Canadian food – showing us true Canadian food and the respect and tradition of Canada’s Indigenous people.”  Chuck Hughes, Executive Chef and Owner of Garde Manger and Le Bremner restaurants, Montreal

"Decades in the making, COOKING WITH THE WOLFMAN is more than just another cook book.  It is a window -a kitchen window- into an evolving culture.  Woven through out all the tasty, innovative and ultimately healthy recipes are snippets of history and philosophy honed from the experiences of a dozen different First Nation cultures. David Wolfman, in this stylishly designed book, introduces Canadians to what he calls Indigenous fusion cuisine. Be warned - it doesn't matter if you're Salish, Cree, Mi'qmaq, Scottish or African, drooling is a definite hazard." 

Drew Hayden Taylor, Author and Playwright

“David Wolfman has been instrumental in furthering modern Indigenous cuisine and our collective traditional culinary customs for many years. Throughout his career, Chef Wolfman has worked passionately and tirelessly to inspire our next generation of chefs to utilize our culinary customs and modern training in new and innovative ways. The contents of this book are authoritative and widespread in scope and I would recommend reading these pages to anyone who is passionate about cooking and learning a little--or a lot--of our traditional customs.”   Aaron Bear Robe, Executive Chef (The Wine Academy), Author

Some of the Indigenous Nations Represented in the Recipes

  • Aztec
  • Blackfoot
  • Cree
  • Coast Salish
  • Haudenosaunee
  • Heiltsuk
  • Inca
  • Inuit
  • Maya
  • Menominee
  • Mi'kmaq
  • Metis
  • Ojibway
  • Potawatomi
  • Sioux
  • Xaxli'p


Consider adding Cooking with the Wolfman: Indigenous Fusion your school resources to promote interactive learning in any of the following areas of study:

  • Introductory cooking

  • Science  

  • Outdoor recreation

  • History

  • Indigenous Studies