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Aprons $25
Red Cooking with the Wolfman aprons are available for $25 each plus taxes and shipping.  These are one-size fits all, have long ties, and two pockets.  
T-shirts $20
Black Cooking with the Wolfman Kitchen Warrior T-shirts are available for $20 each plus taxes and shipping (Adult sizes only).


Contact my agent to order aprons or T-shirts and for more information Marlene Finn

Cooking With the Wolfman Knives

There are two processes that can be used to make a knife: stamping and forging.  The quality of a knife is not dictated by whether it is forged or stamped.  Rather, the quality of the knife is based on the type of steel used to make the blade followed by the proper tempering, hardening and grinding.  

We have chosen knives that you can trust.  All will last for many years. 

All Superior Culinary Master knife blades are made of European “High Carbon Stainless” cutlery steel.  All blades are properly tempered, hardened and ground to both hold an edge and allow for easy resharpening.

They come with a Lifetime Guarantee from our manufacturer.  

Knives are sold individually, online.  Use the link on the right to see the prices.  Prices do not include taxes, shipping, and handling. Contact us to inquire about ordering a wooden knife block with a set of 8 knives.

Winewood Knives
This set is designed for competent home cooks.  The handles have an ergonomic design which makes them comfortable to use.  Winewood handles are made of North American hardwood treated with thermosetting resins under heat and pressure to produce beautiful and functional everyday tools in the kitchen. Nickel alloy rivets don't rust on these full-tang blade knives. 

The set of 3 contains:

  • Item #52203-100-Wolfman, a 4" Paring Knife with a tapered edge
  • Item #52405-180-Wolfman, a 7" Santoku Chef Knife with a granton edge 
  • Item #52430-200-Wolfman, 10" Bread Knife with a scalloped edge

Euro Culinary Knives 
This set is designed for those new to the kitchen.  The handles are made of NSF certified anti-slip polypropylene material and are available in different colours. 

The set of 3 contains:
  • Item #882303-100-Wolfman, a 4" Paring/Utility Knife with a tapered edge
  • Item #82405-180-Wolfman, a 7" Santoku knife with a granton edge  
  • Item #88430-200-Wolfman, a 8" Bread Knife with a scalloped edge 
Europe Forged Knives
This is the top of the line full-tang knife set we offer to those who seek superior quality and performance in their knives.  

We have a set of 3 matching pieces that contains:

  • Item #73381-090P-Wolfman, a 3 1/2" Paring Knife with a tapered edge
  • Item #73386SF-150P-Wolfman, a 6" semi-flexible Boning Knife
  • Item #73389-200P-Wolfman, a 8" Chef Knife

Things to Know

A Chef's knife, also known as a French Knife or a Cook's Knife, is wide at the heel and tapers to a point and is the main tool in a kitchen since it is used for everything from chopping, mincing, and dicing to slicing.  It has a slightly curved edge to allow for a rocking motion when in use.  The wider the blade, the greatest the protection for fingers and knuckles.  The more traditional style blade is lengthier than the more contemporary, Asian-inspired Santoku style.

Granton blades have oval indentations ground into the blade edge to create air pockets to keep food from sticking to the knife (which is extremely sharp), so are good for moist meats (ham, beef, fish, etc.). 

Paring knives are much smaller than a chef knife and are used for peeling, trimming and removing the stems of fruits and vegetables, as well as for creating garnishes or mincing, and slicing small items that can be held in the hand (scallions, herbs, strawberries, grapes, etc.).

Scalloped edge knives works best with foods that are firm on the outside but soft on the inside so need a good grip to cut through safely (bread, tomatoes, melon rind, etc.).

Boning Knives have a very narrow blade and are used to separate flesh from bone.  More specifically, these are used to debone poultry, trim fat, remove bones from meat and fish, and remove silverskin from various cuts of meat.  Boning knives can be stiff (good for sub primal cuts of meat) or semi-flexible (preferred for use on fish or poultry).  

Full tang knives are better quality than those that have a partial tang or none at all.  Full tang blades extend the full length of the knife, providing stability and weight as well as durability and functionality
Knife Care and Maintenance
Although these knives were made to last and retain a sharp edge, hand washing is advised in order to keep the wooden handles in good shape and to keep the blades sharp.  Automatic dishwashers tend to dull knives and can damage the finish of the handles.  You can give the Winewood handles a wipe with mineral oil from time to time to retain the sheen.

Additional Products 
There are hundreds of other culinary products available for sale, such as:

  • Matching sharpening steels
  • Additional items to expand your set (shears, other knives) 
  • A carrying case to carry your knives when travelling or hunting.  

Other products might also interest you, such as:
  • Digital thermometers
  • Knife blocks to use on a  countertop
  • Knife guards for storing knives in a drawer, or
  • Butchering saws - for large game. 

Knife Ordering Information

Click below to be taken to our manufacturer's website where you can order your knives individually. Contact Marlene if you are interested in ordering a complete set of 8 pieces with a knife block. Products will be shipped to you in a box directly from our manufacturer.  
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Winewood Set of 3
Winewood Set of 9
Euro Culinary Set of 3
Euro Culinary Set of 9
Europe Forged Set of 3
Europe Forged Set of 8